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23nd International Juggling and Theatre Workshop

termín od Sa 17.08.2024 do Fr 23.08.2024
webcode SEM879registration
místo konání Jubi Waldmünchen
kategorie Deutsch-Tschechisch
Interkulturelle Bildung
popis akce We would like to invite jugglers and others interested in juggling, circus and theatre, to participate
in the 23nd international ALEJE 2024 workshop that will take place in Waldmünchen, close to the Czech borders, 20 km from Domažlice!

The main teacher of ALEJE 2024 will be the fabulous Doreen Grossmann.

The Theatre and Movement Workshop will be led by Adela Kratochvilova.

Traditionally, additional workshops will be offered by our German colleagues Lisa Montag and Franz Bauer, Dasha Heiland Travnikova, as well as by ALEJE participants.

ALEJE 2024 takes place in Jugendbildungsstätte Waldmünchen in Germany and the Czech-German Juggling Convention, too.
team Adéla Kratochvilová, Dasha Travniková-Heiland - Divadlo Kufr
počet účastníků 50
cena DE 380 €; erm. 330€ / CZ 330€; erm. 280€
cílová skupina Artists from Czech Republic, Germany and all around the World

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